Fusca no Jardim

“My Texas is just the way my eyes see my world,” says Casey Kopecky (@finalnotice), a full-time preschool manager, a part-time photographer, and a lifelong Texan. “There’s no right or wrong. I’m just enamored with this great state and her stories. It’s where I grew up. My home. It brings me great comfort and satisfaction to share it with those who may never step foot on Texas soil or, in some cases, open up the eyes to someone who is native and have become numb to what it has to tell.” She explains the distressed objects that populate her pictures, saying, “I viewed myself that way. A little damaged, quiet and off to the corner. It was simply me finding my identity in things, places or scenes. Now, having shed the intensity of those feelings I once had for myself, I still find time to visit that part of me through my images.” Photo by @finalnotice

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